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Although Snoek Wholesalers was first registered as a company only in 1964, its connections with the Cape fishing industry stretch many decades further back to the early years of this century. In that bygone era, when motorised transport was both a rare novelty and an object of suspicion, the day’s catch was collected at the quayside, in horse-drawn carts.

Snoek Wholesalers was started as a family business, and remains one to this day, fiercely resisting — despite its size — the temptation to become a public company. Thus, whilst it today employs and continuously updates the latest technology in processing and packaging in its modern factory, its family traditions ensure a continuity of personal service which has become the hallmark of its success.

As the name implies, Snoek Wholesalers was originally involved only in the smoking of snoek which abound in huge shoals in the icy Atlantic waters around the Cape during the stormy winter months. Today, however, its activities have expanded to embrace all aspects of South Africa’s bountiful fishing industry, and the Company now processes and markets a wide variety of products in fresh, frozen, smoked, salted and dried form.

The Company acts as both an importer and exporter of fish molluscs, and crustacean. It has established international reciprocal trading relationships in North and South America, European and Scandinavian countries, the Middle, Far East, and Australasia. With the exception of the Western Cape, where Snoek Wholesalers undertakes its own direct, ex-factory distribution, its domestic and imported products market, under the well accepted ‘Atlantic’ label distributed through an efficient, reliable, and reputable wholesaler network who service the needs of the domestic catering and retail trades throughout SA.

In the markets it currently serves, the Company has established an enviable record for maintaining continuity of supply despite seasonal fluctuations by utilizing cold storage facility with a capacity of 3900 pallets. Thus the ongoing demand for its products can be met throughout the year.

Snoek Wholesalers

Snoek Wholesalers’ deep roots in the fishing industry, its long experience, its tradition of personal service, and its reliable record as both a distributor and source of supply have firmly established its unquestionable reputation as a company with whom its customers, suppliers and international trading partners confidently and continuously associate themselves with.

Snoek Wholesalers


To be the leading supplier of frozen fish and seafood products in South Africa!

Snoek Wholesalers


Snoek Wholesalers is committed to creating a holistic value proposition that benefits all our stakeholders both internal and external. We will endeavor to always offer sustainable value to our clients, by ensuring we maintain a supply chain that they can depend on, create an employment environment that seeks to add value and maximise the potential of all our employees.

Snoek Wholesalers


Our strategy is to organically and sustainably drive the growth of our business by ensuring that we continue to build long term value adding relationships with our customers and suppliers